Monkey Pickles Writing Contest

In celebration of Monkey Pickles turning 1 year old in March. We are launching a creative writing contest with a winner being choosen on Thursday, April 1, 2010. and your article will be highlighted and blogged. Alright goofballs since most people have a little fun mentally and probably could be left alone for extended periods of time and not be bored otherwise you dont get Monkey Pickles.  We will host a creative writing contest; all of the wonderful posts, discussion topics, and friendships. Have yielded many creative funny people.  If you’ve ever thought about writing, how to get my name out there, I would like someone to write for etc..  Then here is your chance Monkey Pickles Network encompasses about 2,000 people let your journey begin.

All posts have the potential to be used on Monkey Pickles at later dates and will be referenced accordingly provided you have submitted how you would like to be referenced.  If not it will be referenced as a Monkey Pickles Fan with your name.


  • Be a goofball and like to be creative without taking yourself to serious
  • Must be a Fan of our Facebook Page or a Twitter follower prior to submitting your article !
  • Must be over 13 and younger than 105. (although if you are over 100 and on Facebook/ Twitter and writing consider yourself an instant winner)
  • And live in US, Canada, Austrailia, or the UK…


  • Be creative and have fun
  • Contest runs from 2/24/2010 until 3/28/2010 (6:00pm Central Standard time)
  • Your allowed to submit 2 articles per user. 1 has to be from a pre-selected topic, the other can be whatever you choose. Please submit your articles from the same exact email.
  • If you choose to retain credit for your work please include an email, website, blog, Twitter, or a Facebook link so we can include with the article that will be publicy shared.  If not included you will just be referenced by name as a Monkey Pickles Fan, and we can get ahold of you if your selected as a winner and can ship your prizes to you.


  • Article or thought should be greater than a 200 words less than 2 pages
  • Your allowed to submit 2 articles per user. 1 has to be from pre-selected topic, the other can be whatever you choose. Please submit your articles from the same exact email.
  • When you submit your article please include the topic keyword in the subject line.
  • Submit your article as standard email or as an attachment in Word format (No tables, special indents, unnecessary formatting.)
  • Your allowed to submit 1 photo (providing your sure your okay with copyright stuff) with your article as an attachment not pre-formatted into the article.
  • Same Golden Rules of forum/ discussion/ comment posts apply.  You can view them on the blog on left hand side or from our Facebook Fan Page under the Info Tab.

Submit your article to:


  • Benefits of Day Dreaming ~ [DAY DREAM]
  • What is a Goofball/ or life of a ~ [GOOFBALL]
  • A Day in Human Hamster Ball ~ [HAMSTER]
  • This One Time at Band Camp ~ [BAND]
  • Why Being Easily Distracted Makes Life More Fun ~ [SPARKLES]
  • Why You’ve Enjoyed Monkey Pickles ~ [MONKEY PICKLES]
  • Awww that would be a Nice Happy Place ~ [HAPPY]
  • If you could see My Cartoon Bubbles ~ [CARTOON BUBBLES]
  • OR
  • Whatever pops into your head and you would like to write about.. [FREE]



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