The Daily Post

Here is where you can gather your constant never ending desire to just comment on something without a lot of reading.  We were built off of the the fun of short fun posts prodding, joking, making freinds, enjoying 15 minutes of mental recess so here is where it will start with our shiney new website.

Rules:  Dont eat your keyboard, Mice dont belong in a trap, make your own ham sandwich, stay armed with a big red wiffle ball bat to smack someone, and most important feel FrEe tO tYPE likE THis, or hugz tyme Nao. 


7 thoughts on “The Daily Post

  1. So, speaking of eating keyboards, the other day I decided to smash my forehead against it just to see what I would type. Lamely enough, all I got was “jgh” – and I’ve always thought I had a big head!

    Also: Wiffle Bats rock.

  2. Is it bad to ask the new guy at work how he feels about full frontal male nudity? I think not … Sure I don’t plan on getting naked at work but stranger things have happened. Its nice to know where people draw the line and then pee all over it. Just a random thought… More to come

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