Hops & Dreams In San Diego

How to gain intimate knowledge of San Diego’s finest watering holes?

Why on San Diego Walking Brewery Tour run ( don’t worry … you don’t have to run ) by Five Star Tours.

Whether you are a native, or merely visiting with a United Nations delegation you are desperate to impress, this is the tour for you.

Sure you can try to soak up this knowledge without the guidance of trained tour professionals but … this is beer we are talking about. … How sure are you that you will get beyond the first bar by yourself ?

Will you succumb to your favorite beer

at the thirst hurdle or will unaware of the nearby 3 hour assault of ecstasy you could be treating your taste buds to ?

Be forewarned, however. This is not a tour for lightweights or light beers. You will experience rich IPA’s, beers borne of influences from all over the world as well as hidden gems brewed local.

But there is more …

This is a weekly event. Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 2-5 pm. So if you are unsure that you will absorb all the engaging industry secrets there are to offer in just one tour, you can take a 3 day crash course … following which you may need to crash.

In a matter of mere hours Five Star Tours will furnish you with the almost supernatural ability to impress your friends & acquaintances with awe inspiring knowledge of San Diego’s most intoxicating drinking establishments.

Could this be the factor that impresses your boss into recommending you for that promotion ? We can’t be sure … but is it worth the risk of not finding out?

Is there a banana or pickle

based beer in San Diego ? We at Monkey Pickles can neither confirm nor deny this rumour but
the San Diego Walking Brewery Tour is the place to find out.

Below are links to street views of some the establishments on the tour so that, if you sample a little too much beer, you will have a better chance of knowing where you are & what is happening to you.

Karl Strauss


Rock Bottom Brewery


Yard House


The Beer Company



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