Monkey Pickle Word Pressed, aka Klingon

Uh oh, I think my Monkey Pickle days are numbered.

Huntz just sent out a memo (make that an e-mo) to all us new pickler writers…or maybe it was just me.

I don’t know Huntz that well, but I’m thinking he may be a tad dyslexic or maybe he has fat fingers and keeps hitting the wrong keys. Here is the gist of what he wrote. It could be in English but I am not ruling out Klingon.

“Hope you are logging in backwards to Word Press and separating your words with <> and hto, with text tabs, and Word Stuff.”

Login?? Logs in the woods out here. Backin??(backed in to a fence once…ok twice)
thought that was water, Words and Stuff

(too much water??)
Text? Text is a book I had in college
TAB was the first diet soft drink.

“Choose 3 tags from the most used and season well to increase the pipeline.”

I go Tag less since Michael Jordan appeared in that TV commercial wearing those whitey-tighties with no tag.

My most used tags are “Large, X-large, and Tent.” The only seasonings I have are salt and pepper but I also like fall and winter. As far as that pipeline goes, we have Mobile, Exxon, and Texaco and a few hundred others running through most of Texas. That’s about all we can handle right now.

As far as word press goes,

well I have had some experience there. Our new puppy chewed up the kid’s homework the other day so I had to get the iron and press the paper so the teacher could read the words.

As the newest and oldest living Monkey Pickler, and the one with quite possibly the shortest writing career in the history of Monkey Pickles, I can cut and paste and e-mail. That’s it. That is the extent of my computer-ish-ness.

Live long and prosper, Huntz (and don’t back into any pipelines).




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