A Tribute To National Donut Day

Round Glazed, Bar Glazed and donut holes –

They are so yummy and they sooth your soul.


Cinnamon Sugar, Blueberry and Maple Bars,

Don’t just choose one, they are all a star!


Apple Fritters, Bear Claws and Elephant Ears

Long Johns, Boston Cream -they’re all here.


Powdered Sugar, Chocolate cream and Cherry Cream,

Sour Cream and Maple Cream – they are like a dream.


Chocolate Cake, Apple Crumb and Lemon filled,

Custard Filled and Jelly they fit the bill.


Red sprinkles,  Coconut and Sugar Spice –

How do you choose?  Just roll the dice!


Sugar Raised, Crullers and Chocolate Éclair –

It’s National Donut Day – eat them all if you dare!






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