The Best Drunk Hulk Of Twitter

One of our most favorite themed social accounts of all time. Its truly an honor that for over 5 years Drunk Hulk was shared with the world. Amazing work by Christian Dumais

“For the last five years you have gotten to see pop culture, history and politics unfold through the blurry eyes of everyone’s favorite inebriated Twitter hero: @DRUNKHULK. Now you can look back in anger, take the walk of shame and re-live the glory days through this incredible compilation of hilarious tweets. Christian A. Dumais (EMPTY ROOMS LONELY COUNTRIES, COVER STORIES) has put together the definitive tweets of Drunk Hulk in chronological order with annotations. In addition, there are essays (including “On Drunk Tweeting” – the viral hit available in print for the first time) and background information about one of Twitter’s biggest come-from-nowhere success stories.”

Order the Book of Drunk HUNK: Smashed: The Life and Tweets of Drunk Hulk



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