10 Games That Scientists Play

The Big Bang Theory taught us that scientists are people too. People with wants and nerds … I mean, needs. Needs that include being able to relax and play games. Spock played Vulcan Chess, Reed Richards played Twister and Dr. Doolittle played Hungry Hungry Hippos.
Dr. Frankenstein, however, took recreation too far and ended up playing God but not every boffin goes all mad scientist on the world.

Here are 10 fun games you might find being played at a party where the guest are all wearing white coats and drinking out of test tubes

1. League Of Angles
2. Wheel Of Probability
3. Double Blind Experimental Buff
4. Schroedinger’s Deal Or No Deal
5. Pharmacyville
6. Base Ball
7. The Weakest Missing Link
8. Periodic Table tennis
9. Rock, Peer Reviewed Paper, Scissors
10. Pin The Tail On The Comet


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