Pizza Week Continues – The Crown Crust Carnival

As Pizza Week ( like Shark Week but with more fatalities ) continues and because therapy hasn’t worked, I remember the Crown Crust Carnival, the last pizza before The Hot Dog Bites Pizza to take my breath away. …. I guess those are the risks you take when you eat one.
Sean Bean Pizza Is Coming
You don’t see many royals wearing crowns these days.

And is that any wonder if you are running the risk of molten cheese & hot beef fat trickling from one’s besparkled bonnet on to your delicate easily burnt porcelain royal features.

Would we have thought that Bonnie Prince George was such a beautiful baby if his face was caked in processed cheese & pepperoni slices?

” OMG your Majesty ! Your baby is hideous! ……. Smells delicious, though. ”

Yet that appears to be the prospect facing the aristocracy today with the introduction of the Cheesy Crown Beef Burger Pizza from Pizza House.

Worse still, with literally delicious irony, the aristocracy will presumably have to pay royalties to the convenience food giant if they want to don their full finery for state occasions or Games Of Thrones box set marathon nights.

One head of state, whom has fallen upon hard times and wanted to remain anonymous, pronounced ” It really is the most dreadful dilemma. One does feel foolish toasting an assembly of world leaders with a beef patty pizza on one’s royal noggin when the finest banquets available to man are laid out before you. One must admit, however, the sponsorship deal is excellent, ”

( source: Buzzfeed … No really, it is )


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