Kicked Your Monkey

Come on Gotye … There is never an excuse for kicking, slapping or spanking my monkey. Stop with your monkey abuse. Leave my monkey alone.


Meme monkey gun gotye logo.


What? …



Just ’cause you can’t grow a beard doesn’t give you the right to molest goats. And the name change isn’t fooling anyone, by the way. No one believes you are giant beard.

Accept the fact that you have a 14 year old’s ability to grow body hair and “Get Over It!”. Take up swimming … or Luge. You wouldn’t even need a suit for that. 

You could really transform that sport. It needs a little spice and you are always getting naked at the most inappropriate times. Turn it to your advantage.

What is that on my cat ??? Where did you even get the body hair to do that. I mean, clearly it’s not yours.

Give me the glue. 

You’ve really ruined this Wednesday. 

I swear … When I go out , you go out. You can’t be trusted in the apartment by yourself. 

Thank you Bad Lip Reading for exposing this monster. 

You’re a good friend.


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