A Teacher Offers Her Students A Day Off From School If…

Funny Joke Of The Day

A teacher tells her middle school students that anyone who can use the term “definitely” properly in a phrase can have next Monday off from school.

So Sarah raises her hand, and says “The sky is definitely blue.”

The teacher tells her, “That’s a very good response! But, sometimes the sky turns rather pink, or it gets dark out, and the sky gets black. Anyone else?”

After some silence, Ted raises his hand. “The grass is definitely green,” he declares.

“Now that’s an excellent one!” The teacher declares. “But when it gets dry or cold, the grass starts dying and turns yellow or brown.”

At this point, the class is stumped. While the students racked their brains, trying to get the answer to get Monday off school, Billy speaks up.

“Teacher, can I ask one question first?”

The teacher says yes.

“Teacher, do farts have lumps?”

Surprised, she answers in the negative.

“Well, then,” says Billy, “I definitely just pooped my pants.” He gets up, clutching his rear. “I’ll see you Tuesday.”


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